Multiplayer is one of the best parts of
Battlefield-bad-company-2-20091217032912545 640w
Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

-Quote from Corrupt Templar Media


Every soldier has to have a speciality, and this is where kits come in. There are four kits. Assault, Engineer, Medic, and Recon. Every kit has a special gadget. For example, the Engineer kit has a repair tool and various rocket launchers or anti-tank mines. The Medic has a pair of defibrillators and health packs. The Assault kit has 40mm (smoke)grenades or a shotgun and ammo packs, or if he isn't carrying an assault rifle, he has C4. The Recon kit has C4s or mortar strikes and motion sensors. Every squad should have at least one medic, two assault troopers, and one engineer. Snipers are not vital but they can replace an engineer.


Gadgets help your team if vehicles aren't an option. Every gadget can kill. The C4 can be used to sabotage enemy tanks, objectives, and positions. You can also use C4's to defend objectives and detonate certain positions. The repair tool is used to repair vehicles and turrets. The repair tool can also drill holes in walls. If you sneak up behind an enemy,and you know he isn't going to move for a while, consider using a repair tool as it is very fun. Repair tools can also drain health from enemy vehicles, by going up to them and drilling them. Defibs are a key to a squad. They can help revive fallen teamates and continue your battle. Defibs can also kill, just go up to an enemy and shoot your pair of defibs at them. The enemy goes into shock and dies. RPG-7s are rocket propelled grenades that can wreak havoc on the enemy. You can blow holes in walls, and blow up tanks. The RPG-7 can also lock onto tracer darts and get a succesful hit if done properly. Ammo packs refresh and replenish you supply of ammo. They restore your magazine cartridges one by one. They also resupply you with grenades and your other gadget. Health packs heal your teamates slowly. If a teamate comes and stands on any of your packs, you get +20 points or +30 if it is a squadmate.